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By                   : Marsigit
Reviewed by   : Oky Fatma Dewi
Planning and developing curriculum is a job that requires in-depth and comprehensive study to meet the eligibility requirements. Competency-based mathematics education emphasizes the skills that should be possessed by graduates; so that the curriculum was developed based on the elaboration from competency standards to a basic skills.

Mathematics syllabus should be formulated so that the load lines of material that refers to the mathematical characteristics in accordance with the competencies to be achieved. Breath of competency-based curriculum is the development of a learning experience first hand, contextual teaching and learning (CT & L), meaningful teaching, with attention to life skills in the form of generic skills (personal skills, social skills, academic skills and proficiency skills) .
Ebbutt and Straker (1995: 10-63) defines the mathematical school, hereinafter referred to as a mathematician, as follows: mathematics as search activity patterns and relationships, mathematics as a creativity that requires imagination, intuition and discovery, mathematics as problem solving activities (problem solving), mathematics as a tool to communicate.
Format syllabus is a form of presentation from the syllabus content consists of competency standards, basic skills, learning materials, description of learning materials, student learning experience of time allocation, and reference sources used.
 While the systematic presentation of the syllabus describes the sequence of parts of the syllabus. Step-by-step preparation of Capability-Based Syllabus Primary Mathematics subjects, a series of events beginning with the philosophical study of the development of mathematics education.
For all levels of education, mathematics learning materials include: the facts (facts), including information, names, terminology and conventions understanding (concepts), skills of reasoning, algorithmic skills, math problem-solving skills (problem-solving), the skills to investigate (investigation) , Unit of learning is a description of the syllabus in a more operational, Unit of learning’s components: the identity of subjects, basic skills, learning material, learning strategies, instructional media, evaluation / assessment, the source material.

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