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By : Marsigit
Reviewed by : Oky Fatma D
Kant’s view about mathematics giving contribution meaning to be evaluated from matematics philosophy side especially about role of intuition and construction conception mathematics. Kant describe that mathematics as a science is possible if mathematics concept constructed by intuition of time and room. Construction of mathematics concept according to time and room will yield mathematics as a science that having the character of “sintetik a priori”.
Concept and decision of mathematics that having the character of “sintetik a priori” cause the natural science will dependent on mathematics in explaining and predicting nature phenomenon. (Kant, I., 1781), understanding and construction of mathematics obtained with yhe first ways is discovering “pure intuition” on our mind. Mathematics that having the character of “sintetik a priori” can be constructed trough “sense intuition”, “mind intuition”, and “kindness intuition”.
Concerning intuition in aritmetik, Kant ( Kant, I., 1787) having a notion that arithmetic ought to have the character of synthetic so that obtained new concepts. If only bank on analytic method, hence will not be obtained new concepts. The example in statement " 2 + 3 = 5" having " 2+3" as subject and " 5" as predicate. In this case subject not load predicate. This is synthetic principle in aritmetika. While statement " 1 is smallest original number", this only statement which only having the character of  " analytic". Number concept in aritmetika obtained in time intuition. In quantifying 2 + 3, representasi 2 it is of course precede representasi 3, and representasi 2+3 preceding representasi 5.
Whereas Kant ( Kant, I, 1783 ), having a notion that geometry ought to base at pure room intuition. In steps prove that 2 plan geometry is konkruen, hence existing intuition shall have the character of a priori , and its steps have the character of synthetic. Thereby, according to Kant, geometry represent science determining the nature of room syntheticly but a priori. Synthetic mean that construction geometry concepts cannot only from just pure concept, but have to tread on pure intuition that happened before perception of object, so that its intuition is true have the character of purification and not empiric. According to Kant ( ibid.), principal of geometry have the character of apodictic, that is can be pulled deductively from absolute premis-premis of correctness.
According to Kant, with kindness intuition, our ratio perform a argument ( mathematics ) and join decisions ( mathematics). Mathematics decision is awareness of kognition having the character of complex having marking: a) relate to mathematics obyek, either through is direct ( passing intuition) and also indirect (trough concept), b) cover mathematics concepts of concepts in predicate and also at subject, c) represent mind of purification as according to pure logic pinsip-pinsip, d) entangle mathematics laws which constructed by intuition, and e) express value of truth of a mathematics proposisi.
Therefore Kant (Wegner, P. ) conclude that intiution and decision that have the character of “sintetik a priori” applicable to geometry and also arithmetic. Geometry concept have the character of " room intuitive " and concept of aritmetika have the character of "time intuitive" and " number", and the two having the character of "innate intuitions ".

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