Senin, 12 September 2011

Memanfaatkan Microsoft Word 2007 Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Geometri di SMP

By : Marsigit
Reviewed by : Oky Fatma

Makes use of many facility in Microsoft Office 2007 can develop an activity of learning geometry in school, Microsoft Office 2007 completed with many facility in Microsoft Office 2007 so users can make kinds of graphic. 

The media of learning geometry in junior high school is a implication from describing curriculum. Student’s curriculum in Junior High School obtainable from the menu “Autoshapes” then “Drawing Toolbar”.
Geometry obtainable such as square, pentagonal, hexagon, also octagon which can worn out and fill the color using “Free Rotate tool”. The variation of step obtainable like, after drawing square or pentagonal, continue click on, then go to “Format”, “Autoshape”, “Size” and rotate it with an angle rotate what you want. 
Basic geometry can be developed to help student in Junior High School learning triangle and rectangle. Kind of triangle view from angles command. Teacher can develop electronic student worksheet for example giving opportunity to student to draw many kinds of triangle with different measure each triangle on it sides  or the angle.
Besides drawing kinds of triangle and other student can look for the volume such as volume of prism, To determine the volume of a prism, the prism can be shown pictures and details drawings, as follows use the "AutoShapes" then "3-D" to obtain the desired prism, use "textboxes" to write descriptions about the dimensions of the prism. And the last give the questions to determine the volume and surface area of ​​prisms that obtained.
           From the description can be concluded as follows :
a. The use of Microsoft Word 2007 relative easily done by the teacher because this software is contained in almost every new computer generation.
b. The use of Microsoft Word 2007 will add to the motivation and pleasure in studying geometry.
c. Students can use Microsoft Word 2007 to study the geometry of both independently or through collaboration.
d. Using Microsoft Word 2007, students can conduct investigations or investigation into concepts of geometry.
e. Using Microsoft Word 2007, students can perform activities problem solving or solving mathematical problems.
f. Using Microsoft Word 2007, students can communicate the results.

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