Senin, 19 September 2011

Pembudayaan Matematika di Sekolah Untuk Mencapai Keunggulan Bangsa

By : Marsigit
Reviewed by : Oky Fatma D

The essence of studying mathematics is bringing into subjective and objective knowledge trough social interaction to test and representation new knowledges which have been obtained. In the effort to get or to learn mathematics objective knowledge, student must develop the procedure. So can be told that student’s mathematics knowledge having the character of subjective.

Therefore, needed social interaction between student and teacher to give critic for corection the concepts so the mathematics subjective knowledge have been equals to objective knowledge. So that can be conducted by effort to civileze school, properly we use material mathematics dimension or mathematics in dimension transition to formal mathematics.
Student have individual rights to protect and develop themselves and their experience according to their potency. Therefore each individu need different opportunity, treatment, facility in learn mathematics. Civilizing mathematics have implication to the function of teacher to be facilitator as well as possible so the student can study methematics optimally.
The elementary element of mathematics civilize hermeneutic is activity to communicate mathematics to several dimension trough many vitality from relational potentcys between subjects- subjects, subject-object, object-subject, objects-objects. Literally crystalization from dimension of cummunicating mathematics give meaning there are mathematics material communication, mathematics formal communication, mathematics normative communication.
Mathematics material communication is predominated by horizontal characters from it vitality direction. Mathematics formal communication is predominated by out or in characters of corelation from it potencys vitality. Mathematics normative communication is marked with its character of corelation indicator to self of subject and object. Mathematics spiritual communication have the character of to accommodate all exiting communications or which possible there.
Civilizing mathematics to get excellence of nation can be obtained trough band innovation of mathematics in school. Many done activity by writer in seminar, workshop mathematics, are obtained by perception of teacher that innovate study of mathematics must be able to replying the challenge.

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