Senin, 12 September 2011


“Yogyakarta State University on the move toward World Class University”

By : Marsigit
Reviewed by : Oky Fatma D

The primary task of Yogyakarta State University such as to print the quality teachers and to develop education science and teaching science, besides that to print academical and non-education.  
In the central of the aim to be international standard university, Yogyakarta State University have faced into two phenomena comprises for the first Yogyakarta State University must participate with government policy to develop international standard school. Yogyakarta State University also takes steps to become international standard university. Second, Yogyakarta State University also have faced into many rank criteria in the world and in the fact Yogyakarta State University still far to take in the world rank. Yogyakarta State University become World Class University (WCU) is an effort which worked by organization component to realize an excellent of international standard university in teaching and education programme, research and publication programme also organization and administration of education.
There are four about university world rank criteria such as QS Star, Shanghai Jiatong, Times Higher Education, Webometrics. From QS star there are six criteria likes Citation an faculty, Peer review, International outlook, Teaching Quality, Graduate employability, research quality.
The aim of become international standard university such as to get rank under 500 university in the world. There are many programme to do to become World Class University as five yearly programme and this programme is to reach long range purpose and short range purpose. They develop by : developing study programme with international standard, international standard curriculum, international standard teaching learning process, and evaluation in international standard result of study.
The activity command transferring lecturer to join short-course overseas, to get skill in teaching content through English and get International Certificate to teaching in International class-room. Besides that there is important ways to do such as builds networking with other university and research centre in the world. Also there have done an programme to improve lecturer’s skill developed models and learning methods in international based, improving lecturer’s skill in English and student including to encourage high value in TOEFL and IELTS. Beside that also have done many international standard activity likes international seminar about WCU, national workshop about international standard school, and others.  
In the implementation of WCU programme until two years found many things that can be concluded such as :
  1. The lecture’s skill of English Language in the international class still needs to improve.
  2. Student must to give big opportunity to improve the lecture’s skill of English Language.
  3. Explored and developed for more intensive to establish cooperation
    with partner universities.
  4. The need to fill or to follow up the MOU agreed to
    university partners.

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