Sabtu, 24 September 2011


By                   : Marsigit
Reviewed by   : Oky Fatma D
The result of research by the author indicated that most of mathematics teachers still implement traditional mathematics learning like learning matematics with expository relying on a single method with the cycle: explain, give example, ask questions and give the task in the classical style.
Through the activity cycle of diagnosis, therapeutic and improvement, action research aims to develop a method of learning mathematics that can meet the needs / demands of a wide range of academic demands of students, improving learning achievement, encouraging students to actively learn, develop and encourage cooperation props.

Development of mathematical models of learning through action research to overcome the difficulties of service of teachers toward their students have a positive impact, but in actual experience obstacles both technical, academic, and socio-cultural.
Teacher’s effort to satisfy the academic demands of a wide range of students, encourage students to improve achievement of low achievers, encourage students to learn actively, and encourage students to learn through collaboration, can be done by:
a.       Developing the Student Worksheet
b.      Formation of study groups
c.       Development of method class discussions / group
d.      Development of teaching aids and educational media.
In the effort to develop a model of learning can be inferred, among others: teachers are still experiencing difficulties to fullfil the various demands of academic students. Teachers have developed a scheme to encourage students to improve achievement of low achievers.
Advice for teachers that teachers can make efforts to increase quality of  learning mathematics through the development of ways / methods. Advice for the Principal should create a conducive atmosphere so that teachers can develop their creativity in developing learning models, and encourage diversity of sources and methods.
Advice for the government is providing an opportunity for schools to develop learning programs in accordance with the characteristics of the school and surrounding community in order to restructure the educational system developed education system is able to absorb the aspiration / local conditions, and others. Advice for college educational institutions (LPTK) develops innovative LPTK as a function in the field of education (mathematics).

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