Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011


By                    : Marsigit
Reviewed by    : Oky Fatma Dewi

Developing mathematics learning model trough action research to overcome difficulties of teacher’s service to students give positive affect, but in the reality there is a obstacle in technical, academic, also cultural-sosio.

The teacher’s effort to fullfil various demand of academic student, encourage student have low achievement to increase the achievement, encourage student study actively, encourage student study trough collaboration, it can be done with :
a.       developing student’s worksheet.
b.      forming group
c.       developing method of class/group discussion
d.      developing teaching aids and media of education 
In the effort to developing learning model can be conclude :
a.       teacher still have difficulties in fullfil various demand of academic student.
b.      Teacher have succeeded to create condition so that encourage student learn actively; but still find difficulties in developing its scheme.
c.       Teacher have succeeded to create condition to push student learn trough cooperation; but still have difficulty  in developing its scheme.
d.      Teacher have tried developing discussion method, problem solving, and exercise, give homework, but still have difficulty in developing its scheme.
Suggestion for teacher:
a.       Teacher can efforting improvement quality of mathematics learning trough developing the method to fullfil various needs or  demand of academic student, encourage student to study actively, encourage student to study in cooperation, and try to start developing teaching aids use modern technology.
b.      In developing learning method teacher suggested ;
·         Planning environment of learning mathematics
·         Planning mathematics activity
·         Developing the role of the teacher
·         Evaluate self, etc.
Suggestion for headschool :
a.       Making kondusive athmosphere in order that the teacher can developing his/her own creativity in developing of learning model.
b.      Encourage various source and learning method.
c.       Change the role of headschool from function of supervisor into service and cooperation function, etc.

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