Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011


By                    : Marsigit

Reviewed by    : Oky Fatma Dewi

If teachers want to renewal mathematics education so that mathematics education research will be a requirement. Besides formal legal aspect so the mathematics education research activity by teacher, lecturer or teacher candidate will give a lot of benefit. With mathematics education research we know the difference of individual or group in learning mathematics, we can determining domiciling in group, we can compare result of study between group. We also can do an inspection according between the aim and result of study, is the competency standard or basic competency have been reached?.
Results of research can be used to complete the programme, tuition, gives information to society. Besides, we also can compare between performance and criteria to each progamme dimension and completion the programme and recapitulating the result of mathematics education as a whole. Then we also can study about programme, effect of learn environment, effect of programme, curriculum or silaby to the result of study, and finally used to complete programme mathematics education as a whole.
From presentation in the face of in moderation presumably to the teachers given an including as suggestion so that activity of research of education always stick with activity of study mathematics. morely specific, before study of mathematics carried out by hence properly teachers learn to do the followings as preparation step.
Planning environment learn mathematics, as follows : determining the source that needed teaching, planning flexible activity, planning physical environmental of learning mathematics. Entangling student in creating environment of learning mathematics.
Developing social environment of student, as follows : planning activity to doing cooperation, encourage student to esteeming each other, tracing student’s feeling about mathematics, developing models of mathematics.
Planning mathematics activity : Planning mathematics activity that well-balanced in material, time, difficulties, activity, etc.planning open-ended mathematics activity, planning acticity considering student’s skill, developing the topic of mathematics, build the bounce of mathematics, when and how to help the student?, use various source of teaching.

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